Evert-Jan de Groot, pianist

Evert-Jan de Groot (1988) studied classical piano at the conservatories of Amsterdam and Utrecht with Mila Baslawskaja, Hans Eijsackers, Martyn van den Hoek and Henry Kelder. Alongside these musical studies he graduated as a philosopher (Utrecht University). His experience as a musician has been very broad; as a soloïst, accompanist of instrumentalists, singers and choirs, répétiteur in opera, playing in orchestra's -not only as a pianist, but also as a hornplayer- , playing organ and at the moment also focussing on conducting with Ivo Meinen and Konradin Herzog. His main occupation at the moment is nevertheless working with singers, being an opera-répétiteur at the Dutch Travel Opera and the NTR ZaterdagMatinee, the most famous concert series of The Concertgebouw Amsterdam.

Contact: evertjandegroot@gmail.com